How to Safely Watch the Solar Eclipse Without Eclipse Glasses

Can't find eclipse glasses? Aren't sure if the glasses you have are certified or safe? No problem! You can watch the eclipse safely by building a projector with six supplies you probably have on hand.

How to make a pinhole projector:

Step 1

Cut the paper to fit the inside bottom of your box and tape it in place. (Note, I chose the a short skinny side but any side will do.)

Step 2

Cut two holes in the top of your box. The shapes of the holes don't have to match mine. Just one of the holes should be bigger than the size of a nail hole and one should be big enough to look through.


Step 3

Tape aluminum foil over one of the holes.

Step 4

Punch a nail hole through the tinfoil.

making a pin hole projector

Step 5

Stand with your back to the sun and look through the opening. As eclipse progresses, the circular projection with shift into a crescent shape.

Pin hole projector craft